The dental practice consists of one dentist, one dental hygienist, and one dental assistent/manager.

Tandarts van Lingen

Wanda van Lingen

Dentist & Dental Practice Owner

Wanda is born in Amsterdam Oud-West, where the dental practice is located. She gained experience in dentistry in different dental practices and in the hospital. From January 2022 she has taken over the dental practice from Sylvia. Wanda carries out all regular dental treatments and is specialized in difficult root canal treatments, aesthetic treatments with composite (white fillings), treating tooth wear and extractions. She also has a lot of experience with dental anxiety and children. She finds your overall well-being very important and takes a lot of time for you, to make sure you feel comfortable in our practice.

Tandartsassistent Koning

Edith Koning

Dental Assistent & Office Manager

Edith has been our dental assistent for 18 years. She is well known by a lot of patients.