At dental practice Surinameplein we strive to treat you as good as possible. We find it very important that you are content with us. If you have a complaint about our working methods, please call us at (020) 618 37 51 or mail us at
We will get back to you as soon as possible and we will look for a good solution for your complaint.

Second opinion

If you feel less confident in our treating methods, you can sometimes benefit from a second opinion by another dentist. His/her opinion can confirm or reconsider your opinion. Please keep in mind that the costs for a second opinion are for your own account.

Het Tandheelkundig Informatie Punt (TIP)

TIP is an initiative by the KNMT, the Dutch association for dentists. TIP can provide you with independent information about dental care and how to talk to your dentist when you're unhappy about the dental treatment.

KNMT-klachtenservice (complaint-service)

If we can't figure out a solution together or with the help of TIP, you can contact the KNMT-klachtenservice. Using this link you can get more information on their service..
If you file your complaint at the KNMT-klachtenservice, a staff member will contact you and the dentist to mediate in solving the complaint.

Geschilleninstantie mondzorg

If the KNMT staff member can't help in solving the complaint, you can contact the geschilleninstantie mondzorg. They provide you with a binding decision on the complaint.